Sense of the meeting

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I’m asking yet again: Do you guys want me to stop telling you what I think about our current politics? Perfectly happy to put up other stories in which I have no intellectual investment if that will make you all happy.

Because frankly, it really pisses me off when people attack me in my own living room. If you want to be a sexist asshole, you won’t be tolerated here. (And yes, calling me a vagina voter is sexist.) I don’t need it; I already have a high-stress job.

Your call. Leave it in the comments.

20 thoughts on “Sense of the meeting

  1. Susie – please don’t stop posting the current stories on politics! I gave up cable news 8 years ago and hate US newspapers just as much. I rely on blogs like yours (and foreign news outlets) for most of my info. I value your opinion too!

  2. Please don’t stop, Susie – I value your opinion. And since it’s your house, you can shut the door on anyone who doesn’t respect you.

  3. Politics please.
    There’s no need for you to even read the comments, but if you do, keep in mind all the sturm and drang eight years ago, which had pretty much melted away by the time of the election.

  4. Yeah, along with most of my readers. I went from 6000 readers a day to about 500, all over Obama and my insistence that he was not a progressive savior. The numbers have never really come back.

  5. They may have never come back because you appear to have some huge blind spots. Do you want them pointed out “in your living room?”

    Or would you rather wonder or blindly conjecture that it was your criticism of Obama?

    This Clinton stuff is really just so clearly ideological based on 2nd and 3rd-wave feminism’s rapidly being discredited tropes. Hillary Clinton is a war hawk. Women activists in other nations, like Honduras, have made strong statements about Clinton’s culpability in their county’s murderous, right-wing, anti-gay, anti-women regimes.

    What is it that you don’t understand? And why are you nutz for Hillary other than that she is a woman? Don’t get mad about that accusation. Prove that it isn’t solely becuase female in regard to your blind support of this defective woman candidate.

  6. Susie – I, too, lost out a lot by trying to tell the truth about Obama in 2008. I was banned from many a so-called progressive website.

    The most frustrating thing is that WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT HIM, but only one person in all the universe of those who made horrible slurs and accusations against me, has come back to apologize.

  7. I appreciate your insights, even when I don’t agree with them.

    If you switch to just reposting others’ articles, I will likely spend my lmited time on other websites.

    You’re better than just a redistributor! Include your own comment! (and maybe delete or disable the nasty-gram comments)

  8. Just stop feeding the troll and post whatever you want . Being a former PUMA, I can’t begrudge the Bernie bros their dissatisfaction with our likely nominee . I’m not nearly as anti Hillary as I was anti Obama . But aNy dlc candidate is a shit sandwich , so gripe away. But having the former obamabots transferring their dumbass delusions and self righteousness to my current pick (sanders) does not make me proud. Anyone who did not recognize how unliberal Obama was by February 2008 should take a seat and shut up about politics for the rest of their lives.

  9. I’ll give you hell when you repost Blue Nation on Facebook, but I try not to here. (first, even though no longer….)

  10. susie

    I was among those who read much less frequently once you started calling out Obama. I read less of Avedon too — even when I agreed with you, it was more negativity than I could process, so I stopped processing it. Mostly I read a lot less political blogs for a while.
    And now the readership for political blogs is smaller and hardened.

    I’m a Clinton guy this time ’round, because she’s different, I’m different, Obama happened, and because Sen. Sanders, peace be upon him, is a wonderful scold and gadfly, but IMHO not at the POTUS level as an executive.

    I miss the old banner with the riflery training.

    Maybe, if argumentative commenters piss you off, you could borrow Bitch PhD’s old top-page banner pic. I miss that too.

    But if you’re longing for clicks, there’s nothing like a political flamewar to drive traffic.

  11. Re the non-explanation and the illogical put down: Susie, so in other words, your support of Clinton is truly just feminist ideology and your sole reason for supporting the war-hawk is because she is female and it’s her time. Thanks. Got it.

  12. I, for one, come here explicitly to read your point of view (and have for a long time.) I really hope you continue to provide. I supported Obama and, now, Clinton, in a somewhat jaded way. But that does not mean I won’t campaign for her. Attempting to heighten the contradictions does not seem worth the gamble now. Thank you for all your work.

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