Whistleblower’s attorney offers written answers to GOP questions…

Mark Zaid, attorney for the Ukraine call whistleblower, has offered to GOP Congressional committee members written answers to questions directed to the whistleblower.

Trump has been calling for the determination and exposure of the whistle blower’s identity by the media.

“The whistleblower gave a very inaccurate report about my phone call. My phone call was perfecto. It was totally appropriate. He gave a report — he or she, but according to the newspapers it’s a he,” Trump told reporters.  

“They know who it is. You know who it is. You just don’t want to report it. CNN knows who it is, but you don’t want to report it. And you know, you would be doing the public a service if you did,” he added. 
The whistleblower’s identity is not public. Trump did not give evidence for his claim that CNN or newspapers know the person’s identity. 

A source says it would be unlikely this offer is taken by the GOP congressional members.

“I don’t think we will settle for scripted interrogatories,” the source said. “We need a full accounting of his actions and how this was orchestrated.”