Bill Barr gave a speech at the Federalist Society and hoooboy …

Here’s an excerpt…

Well, if that isn’t a living example of psychological projection, I don’t know what is.

It is pretty obvious Barr has no fondness for Congressional oversight currently, but, this is a little crazy.

“I don’t deny that Congress has some implied authority,” he said. “But the sheer volume of what we see today, the pursuit of scores of parallel investigations through an avalanche of subpoenas, is plainly designed to incapacitate the executive branch and indeed is touted as such.”

Except, Article One states Congress’s explicit powers and authority. Sure, Bill Barr, I know you don’t like it, but, it would be irresponsible not to investigate and apparently, there is plenty there to investigate.

Now, lawyers and legal experts are calling for Barr’s impeachment.

One thought on “Bill Barr gave a speech at the Federalist Society and hoooboy …

  1. Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said yesterday, “The weakening of executive privilege is not good,” when asked about the impeachment investigation.

    The Federalist Society is the right wing operation that Trump has gone to twice to get his supreme court nominees. If he gets the chance Trump will go to them for another right wing, corporatist justice.

    A not so small slice of the Republican Party has been pissed off about the impeachment of Nixon forty years ago.
    They felt then and they feel now, that the president has unlimited power which cannot be checked by the courts and in some cases not even the people.

    They are authoritarians who would have a king be president and Trump is as close to that goal as they have ever come.

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