Serious implications…

I don’t watch too much cable news, but, today was a big day. This segment on MSNBC yesterday afternoon was chilling. I was stunned.

One thought on “Serious implications…

  1. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” FDR.

    What we all now know about Trumps criminality has been known for a long time by a few.

    To “know” is the NSA’s job (Snowden).

    Trump is not being removed from office because he suddenly went bad and turned into a crime boss.
    Trump has always been a criminal and a racist and anyone paying attention knew it.

    Trump is being removed from office because he’s too stupid to be trusted.
    Trumps stupidity and foolishness is unintentionally upending the corrupt, established order of things and that has frightened the hell out of the corrupt, Capitalist, oligarchs.

    “The first one now, will later be last.”

    Paul Manafort has been a criminal for decades.
    And so has Flynn, Barr, Cohen, Giuliani, Mnuchin, Ross, Devin Nunes, and all the rest of Trumps “best people.”

    These criminals have been plying their criminal trade for decades without any consequences, legal or otherwise.

    Why is that?
    Exactly how corrupt have we become?

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