The point of no return for each state…

Below is a link where one can look up when a state will reach the point of no return for hospitals being overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.

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  1. Uh, you know that “push the curve” graph where the horizontal dotted line represents hospital capacity? Well, in practice they’ll find that as doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers get ill, and they run out of supplies and ventilators, that horizontal dotted line will curve downward, and capacity will actually go down. They’ll be able to quarantine very ill patients on cots in stadiums, etc., but that isn’t “ICU” care per se. Then there’s a very good possibility that those facilities will get overrun, and people will just be redirected back home to ride it out or die. So, there’s that. I delivered a care package to a nurse yesterday who tested positive the day before. It’s happening. They’re getting sick.

  2. We need to spend more money on beds, nurses, and supplies and less money on health insurance CEO’s who are paid millions of dollars in salary each year.

    If our health care system were to be nationalized the government would be the chief administrator of the system and for-profit health insurance CEO’s who are paid millions would become unemployed.
    We could use the millions that would be saved to buy beds, train nurses and doctors and buy additional supplies.

    Medicare For All

  3. Too late. The fucking morons at the DNC have decided that they want to nominate the guy who advocated cutting Social Security and Medicare, the guy who gutted the public option from the ACA/Obamacare, the guy who as recently as ten days ago said that if Medicare for all was passed by the House and the Senate that he would veto the bill. And the fucking moron Baby Boomers in the Democratic Party voted for him in the primaries. And he’s going to lose. He’s going to lose to Donald Fucking Trump.

    Meanwhile, Wall Street has put $3 Trillion on a barge on the East Hudson and lit it on fire. Unemployment figures have over the course of a month approached those not seen since the Great Depression. Republican lawmakers are poised to give about a Trillion dollars to corporations NO STRINGS ATTACHED. And Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are mewling about how little they can do to help average Americans.

    So I’d like to know, Joe, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR THAT?!?!?!?!?!?

  4. I love the East Bay, lived there for 35 years, still think of it as my home, but I’m hella glad to be up on this mountainside right here and now.

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