“Vladimir Putin’s dream…”

Rick Stengel and Fiona Hill on Trump’s decision to withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany…

One thought on ““Vladimir Putin’s dream…”

  1. Stengel and Hill are irrelevant, Neo-liberal, warmongers who are given air time by MSNBC to push their propaganda and “fake news” out over the public airwaves.
    MSNBC and CNN have a stable full of them.

    On Tuesday July 7, 2020, U.S. General Frank McKenzie, commander of the U.S. Central Command which overseas the war in Afghanistan, the Middle East, Egypt, central and south Asia and Africa said, that after an in depth investigation he found “no evidence” to substantiate any of the “Russia bounty” claims.

    “It wasn’t proven enough to worry me,” said General McKenzie.

    General McKenzie continues to believe what he said on July 7, and yet the warmongers keep pushing their phony claims of Russian “bounties” being paid and MSNBC and CNN keep putting these liars on air.

    As for the 12,000 troops being pulled out of Germany, it doesn’t mean “shit to a tree” and both warmonger Stengel and Hill know it.

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