One thought on “Enforce the separation of church and state

  1. With the help of the religious extremists the Fascist right has succeeded in packing the Supreme Court.
    As a consequence of their actions the Court is now dangerously out of balance.

    If Amy Coney Barrett is seated on the Court then 5 of the 9 justices will have long standing relationships with militant, Jesuit Catholic sects such as Opus Dei, the People of Praise and the Sword of the Spirit.

    We find ourselves in this unfortunate predicament because Fascist organizations like the Federalist Society, and its many offshoots like the Judicial Crises Center and Judicial Watch, have supported the Republican Party and have been supported by the Republican Party in return.

    Fascist oligarchs like Adelson, Sinclair, and the Koch’s, along with the Fascist Evangelical Christian Movement and the Roman Catholic Church have generously donated their time and money to assure that their members vote as a monolith for Republicans.
    These are the people and organizations who are putting our democracy in danger.

    Vote All Blue.

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