The problem with the other Joe

One thought on “The problem with the other Joe

  1. Who died and elected Joe Manchin president?

    So far Joe Manchin has badly out negotiated Joe Biden.

    Manchin’s negotiations with Joe Biden (Capito is a stand-in) over the size and scope of the infrastructure bill and how it will be paid for have mostly gone Manchin’s way.

    Once upon a time Joe Biden wanted $2.2 trillion in infrastructure money.
    Manchin’s latest offer was $1 trillion in “new ” money and Biden accepted his offer.

    To pay for his infrastructure bill and other programs, Joe Biden wants to increase taxes on the wealthy (those making over $400,000 a year) and on corporations.
    But, Joe Manchin is oppose to increasing taxes on the rich and corporations “too much.”
    So the Joe v. Joe negotiations on the tax increase are stalemated.

    It’s clear that Joe Biden isn’t running the show, because Joe Manchin is.
    The weakness being shown by Joe Biden in the negotiations with Manchin is a big problem for the Democratic Party.

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