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I’m in love with a girl

Big Star:

“Little Women.”

Yes. Louisa May Alcott.

Is there any reason on this green earth why I should waste any more minutes of the few decades I have remaining (assuming all kinds of good fortune) on this drivel? Jo is almost interesting, but I doubt she moves out west and starts up a major snuff habit to go with her wrangling calves and stomping rattlesnakes. I have no desire to do anything but to stamp out the short, flat lives of the rest of the characters. “Ooh, the crabby old guy lost a granddaughter with blue eyes.”


Make your case.

She’s no lady

If I ever get married again, this song will be the first dance. Lyle Lovett with John Hiatt and Joe Ely:

Isn’t this a story?

When NASA’s top climate change scientist is willing to go to jail to protest the tar sands pipeline?

Think it over one time

Robert Earl Keen Jr.:

The GOP’s perennial Christian con game: the rich deserve their wealth, they worked for it, and the poor who can’t work their way into a higher income bracket should accept their poverty as God’s will

Uh oh

Oh well, what’s a few decimal points on the Richter scale when it comes to shareholder dividends?

The earthquake that prompted the shutdown of a Virginia nuclear power plant last week may have been more severe than the plant’s reactors were designed to withstand, federal regulators said.

The revelation is likely to put increased pressure on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to quickly implement a series of safety recommendations intended in part to protect plants from major natural disasters like earthquakes.

NRC said Monday that its preliminary analysis indicates that the ground motion caused by the magnitude-5.8 earthquake near the North Anna Power Station in Louisa County, Va., exceeded the maximum level the two reactors at the plant were built to handle.

But the commission noted in a statement Monday that “data is still being collected and analyzed to determine the precise level of shaking that was experienced at key locations within the North Anna facility.”

NRC decided to send additional inspectors to the North Anna power plant after conducting the analysis, the commission said Monday.

“The fact that we’re sending an [augmented inspection team] should not be interpreted to mean that Dominion staff responded inappropriately or that the station is less safe as a result of the quake,” NRC Region II Administrator Victor McCree said in a statement. “An AIT provides us with the resources needed to completely understand all the effects at North Anna and gather important information for the NRC’s continuing evaluation of earthquake risk at all U.S. nuclear plants.”

Last night

In case you missed it, here’s me and Stuart Zechman ranting on various topics last night.

Dumb question of the day

Why do we subsidize the building of homes in flood prone areas? Why, because so many wealthy special interest groups (doctors, lawyers, accountants, politicians, etc.) own beachfront property, of course!

See, we only approve of taxpayer-subsidized insurance when it’s for rich people. Are we clear now?

Food for thought

The Rev. Jesse Jackson at the recent AFL-CIO Martin Luther King Center Conference on “Jobs, Justice and the American Dream” of interest:

In 1960 Martin Luther King supported Kennedy instead of Nixon to prevent America from going backwards. Then he marched in the streets of Birmingham to pass the Civil Rights Act
to move the nation ahead.

In 1964 Martin Luther King supported Johnson instead of Goldwater
to prevent America from going backwards. Then he marched in Selma to pass the Voting Rights Act to move the nation ahead.

For Dr. King, there was no conflict between voting strategically
to prevent the triumph of reaction and leading a nonviolent mass movement
to pressure a president to achieve profound social change.

When we in the movement struggled for social justice we helped weak presidents become stronger. When we in the movement struggled for social justice we helped good presidents become great.

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