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When I was a midwife, I had the hardest time convincing women it was not only okay to have salt when you were pregnant, it was necessary to process the additional fluid load on your kidneys. I don’t think people realize how much of standard medical practices are grounded in little more than mythology:

This week a meta-analysis of seven studies involving a total of 6,250 subjects in theAmerican Journal of Hypertension found no strong evidence that cutting salt intake reduces the risk for heart attacks, strokes or death in people with normal or high blood pressure. In May European researchers publishing in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the less sodium that study subjects excreted in their urine—an excellent measure of prior consumption—the greater their risk was of dying from heart disease. These findings call into question the common wisdom that excess salt is bad for you, but the evidence linking salt to heart disease has always been tenuous.

The grapes of wrath

Paul Ryan has a night on the town.

Why can’t I forget about you

The Subdudes:

Cat’s out of the bag

Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus was charging the taxpayers money for reparative therapy – otherwise known as “pray away the gay.” Read all about it here.

PA poll numbers

I don’t know how Obama thinks he can win without actually fixing the economy. Why does he double down on the policies that don’t work?

Pennsylvania is looking more and more like it could be a tough hold for Barack Obama in 2012. His approval rating in the state continues to be under water at 46/48. More voters have expressed disapproval than happiness with Obama on all three polls PPP has done in the state so far in 2011. And even though Obama took Pennsylvania by 10 points in 2008 the best he can muster right now in a head to head match up with Mitt Romney is a tie.
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Meteor showers

Here’s a handy guide for the rest of the summer. Bookmark it!

Lifting the veil

Long, but worth watching:

Lifting the Veil from S DN on Vimeo.

Michele Bachmann’s religious extremism

Thom Hartmann interviews Frank Schaffer, whose father founded the Moral Majority:


One of my pet peeves. I rarely go to the theater anymore; I have really long legs and it’s like torture to sit with my knees crammed like that.

Trust issues


Now, this might just be theater: Mr. Obama may be pulling an anti-Corleone, making Republicans an offer they can’t accept. The reports say that the Obama plan also involves significant new revenues, a notion that remains anathema to the Republican base. So the goal may be to paint the G.O.P. into a corner, making Republicans look like intransigent extremists — which they are.

But let’s be frank. It’s getting harder and harder to trust Mr. Obama’s motives in the budget fight, given the way his economic rhetoric has veered to the right. In fact, if all you did was listen to his speeches, you might conclude that he basically shares the G.O.P.’s diagnosis of what ails our economy and what should be done to fix it. And maybe that’s not a false impression; maybe it’s the simple truth.
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