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They’re going to indict John Edwards for this, yet no one has yet to be indicted for crashing the economy. Odd!


No deadline on leaving. Real shocker, right?

Patrick McHenry

Another GOP closet case goes after Elizabeth Warren and calls her a liar at yesterday’s hearing:

Paying for school

Public school classes. The newest trend!

What bipartisanship gets us

Commenter at the “liberal” L.A. Times:

It’s little wonder that the nations who’re trying to get their fiscal act together (Canada, U.K., Germany) have all elected conservative governments. But here, Whiner Nation can’t accept the truth. We’re broke and your entitled cradle to grave Greek style retirement is no longer viable. Boo-hoo.

American’s no longer need ask what they can do for their country because most do nothing for their country. There’s no military draft, 40% of wage earners pay no income taxes and essentially the new American Spirit is begging for someone better off to take care of you. Pretty sad.

The class envy left is so devoid of morals, economic common sense and can-doism that it’s clear why we’re bankrupt as a nation.

To those of you who think that anyone owes you a blessed thing, you’d better think again. I probably speak for quite a few taxpayers when I say the following to the ungrateful leftists, “I don’t feel obligated to your welfare because I can’t even stand breathing the same air as most of you.”


I was doing some stuff in my bedroom yesterday when I fell and hit my head on the bureau. Everything hurts this morning, my neck most of all. I’m also getting burning pain in my right arm. Oh joy.

The lesson of NY-26

What Marcy said.

Chestnut mare

Roger McGuinn:

Tornado warning

Tarrant County, Texas.


I’m listening to the police and emergency scanner in Oklahoma County and it’s almost too intense to bear. I’m hoping we don’t see the kind of death toll we saw in Joplin.

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