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These conservatives love playing at being spies and soldiers, don’t they?

The Occupy Wall Street protests have been going on for a month. And it seems the FBI and NYPD have had help tracking protesters’ moves thanks to a conservative computer security expert who gained access to one of the group’s internal mailing lists, and then handed over information on the group’s plans to the authorities as well as corporations targeted by protesters.

Since the Occupy Wall Street protest began on September 17, New York security consultant Thomas Ryan has been waging a campaign to infiltrate and discredit the movement. Ryan says he’s done contract work for the U.S. Army and he brags on his blog that he leads “a team called Black Cell, a team of the most-highly trained and capable physical, threat and cyber security professionals in the world.” But over the past few weeks, he and his computer security buddies have been spending time covertly attending Occupy Wall Street meetings, monitoring organizers’ social media accounts, and hanging out with protesters in Lower Manhattan.

As part of their intelligence-gathering operation, the group gained access to a listserv used by Occupy Wall Street organizers called September17discuss. On September17discuss, organizers hash out tactics and plan events, conduct post-mortems of media appearances, and trade the latest protest gossip. On Friday, Ryan leaked thousands of September17discuss emails to conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who is now using them to try to smear Occupy Wall Street as an anarchist conspiracy to disrupt global markets. What may much more alarming to Occupy Wall Street organizers is that while Ryan was monitoring September17discuss, he was forwarding interesting email threads to contacts at the NYPD and FBI, including special agent Jordan T. Loyd, a member of the FBI’s New York-based cyber security team.

To keep my love alive

Blossom Dearie:

“Follow the puppet!”

The oversize papier-mache likeness of right-wing Sen. Pat Toomey stood tall among hundreds of Occupy Philly sympathizers marching from City Hall to the nearby highrise that houses Toomey’s Philly office. Coordinators shouted again when some marchers veered to the north, away from the destination.

“Follow the puppet!”

This sounded to me like what many working people do when they vote for people like Toomey, who is one of the Congresspeople on the so-called Super Committee that will decide how to cut the federal budget. Toomey used to work for Club For Growth, the job-killing pro-corporate advocacy group.

I shared my thought about the puppet chant with Jacob Russell, 70, a South Philly poet and Occupy Philly volunteer, who replied, “The irony is not lost on me.”

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#OccupyTimesSquare standoff

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

Today, over 900 cities in 80 countries staged Occupy protests. The focus of them here is the planned Times Square Thousands of the Occupy Wall Street protesters have streamed into Times Square while cops try to contain the crowd. They are arresting people and putting them into vans. More added later.

You can also watch from here.

How they voted

the House, on HR 358, aka the “Let Women Die Act.”

H.R. 358 overturns decades of precedent guaranteeing people access to lifesaving emergency care, including abortion care and says its ok that a pregnant woman fighting for her life be left to die. […]

“This bill is a collection of dangerous ideas that will undermine women’s health,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  “Most devastating, the bill eliminates protections for patients seeking care in emergency circumstances, and would allow a hospital to deny lifesaving abortion care to a woman, even if a doctor deems it necessary.”

‘The hippies are coming to kill you’

Occupy the Board Room

Can’t go to a protest today? Take part in this mass virtual Occupy action. The 1% have addresses. The 99% have messages. Go send one!

Thought for the day

Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

I didn’t know what time it was

Billie Holiday:

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