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I didn’t know mouthwash was linked to oral cancer. Never used it, don’t think about it much — but they did give it to me in the hospital.

Everything’s fine

Went to bed during horizontal rain, woke up to partial sunshine. The storm’s out of here, now we have to deal with the winds and high tide. Flooding everywhere, but the burbs got hit a lot worse than the city.

Louisiana 1927

Rangy Newman:

How can you tell

When a dominionist is lying? Her lips are moving.

Here comes the flood

Peter Gabriel:

Still have power

And internet connection, but the hurricane doesn’t get here for another two hours so I may not have it by the morning.

The news readers keep saying to stay away from windows, but that’s where my bed is and I’m going to sleep now. See you in the morning if I still have electricity and internet.

Lullaby for a stormy night

Vienna Tang:

Tide is high


Like a hurricane

Neil and Crazy Horse:

Tornado warnings everywhere

In Philadelphia and all the counties surrounding it. Oy.

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