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My Michael Jacksonian compound was breached, and my precious photos of Leezza were stolen and defiled by marauding desert rats. Can you get me a book contract?

Bernie Sanders, the independent U.S. Senator from Vermont, makes passionate statements in support of working people then backs them up with legislation such as a bill that would strengthen Social Security without cutting benefits.


Hurricane Prep

Well, it looks like I’m the only guy posting at SG this morning. Not for long though: I have to head out to get my hurricane prep. I’m already stocked up on propane for my grill, and minicanisters for my camp stove and lantern, but I need extra D-cell batteries, extra mantles, and perhaps some duct tape in case the winds are as strong as they’re predicting.

The phone just rang. It was my parents, who have been ordered to evacuate New Jersey. They are coming here.

Looks like I’d better hit the liquor store too…

I’m having trouble with words.

This will be an issue in ten days. They expect you to form sentences at college. I can still take pictures, though.

Old pier and new dock, lakefront.

Night moves

Bob Seger:

Morrison swaggered well enough to do justice to the Howlin’ Wolf classic “Back Door Man.” The Doors actually gave credit where it was do, to songwriter Willie Dixon, on the record. (Too often in those days, rock and roll bands simply stole the great blues songs.)

Kids, when I’m not blogging here, not-blogging at my place, making a pain in the ass of myself, or watching cartoon pornography while eating gallons of Cherry Garcia ice cream with my bare hands when I should be looking for a job, I contribute to scrapple news. that’s our latest up there, so please give it a view. We’re the same folks that brought you the lovely, and truly moving, tribute to Philadelphia’s bastion of inclusion and racial tolerance Joey Vento earlier today.

And Susie, I hope you get well soon.

Summer’s almost gone

The Doors:


Or, why I don’t want to move.

An evening, a couple of weeks ago.

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