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Ryan’s healthcare plan

Calls for a tax credit for purchasing health insurance. Obviously, you suffer a tax penalty for not buying it. As Ezra points out, not very different from the individual mandate!

In my life

The Beatles:

Easier said than done

The Essex:

Not paying enough attention

To ADHD. A very useful discussion.

What baseball does to the soul

An essay.

Dear Mr. President

Fitz and the Tantrums with Daryl Hall:

Child’s song

I used to listen to this Tom Rush song and dream of the day I’d leave home. I left a couple of days after I turned 18:

Once I was

When we got things split up, I let my husband take the Tim Buckley albums – but I always regretted it:

Johnny angel

I couldn’t have been much older than eight or so when my mother sent my sister and I off to a religious charity camp out in the sticks. I decided to be in the talent show, and I stood on a dining table while a nun waved a towel in front of me in lieu of a curtain. This is the song I sang.

Trivia: Darlene Love singing backup! Shelley Fabares:

The end of the world

I always think of a rainy Sunday morning as we were getting ready to go to church when I hear this song. It was playing in the background and I remember my mother spit on a Kleenex and wiped my face. I can still smell her lipstick. Skeeter Davis:

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