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Remember when politicians said they wanted them to be safe and rare? They got their wish – the rare part, anyway.

R.I.P. Fairness Doctrine

Obama’s not a Democrat. He just doesn’t act like one.

Most people who buck the system are easily pressured to change course, but a few are more likely to get their back up and hold steady, at least until the pressure becomes unbearable. Gretchen Morgenson wrote today about one such stubborn fellow.

Hurricane Irene

There goes the weekend!


I had this burning pain in the middle of my wrist that made it difficult to type, so I went to the chiro today.

“Where does it hurt?”

“Right here,” I said, pointing to a spot between my wrist and hand.

He grabbed my arm, cracked the bones and made everything hurt. Then he grabbed my fingers and pushed them all the way back toward my hand. “Don’t you stretch your hands?” he said.

“Not like that,” I said, shaking my hand. But the pain was gone.

Institutional legitimacy

What Marcy says.


One of the things that bugs me about Christie is that he also does some good stuff (like this), so we know he’s not stupid – just incredibly political – and not in a good way.


It’s an absolutely gorgeous late-summer day, with nary a cloud and only 77 degrees. I was thinking what a perfect day — and then I remembered the weather was just like this on 9/11. Weird thing to remember…

The death of bin Laden

Investigative reporter Russ Baker has been marginalized because he’s dared to ask questions “real” journalists aren’t supposed to touch (like who really killed Jack Kennedy).

Now he’s writing about the many holes in the official version(s) of the death of bin Laden. Fascinating:

This may sound too technical for your taste, but the takeaway point is that fundamental realignments are afoot in that vast, massively-funded, powerful and secretive part of the US government that is treated by the corporate press almost as if it does not exist. The tales of internal intrigue that we do not hear would begin to provide us with the real narratives that are not ours to have.

If this were an actual democracy, we could talk about why bin Laden was killed on sight. But that wouldn’t be appropriate under the circumstances, right?


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