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Pagan lights

Sometimes I think organized religion makes people crazy:

Homeowners in Hudsonville, Mich., have been singled out for displaying what an anonymous letter-writer calls “pagan” lights and decorations on their properties.

On Wednesday night, residents of Vintage Drive found a letter attached to their mailboxes suggesting that anyone with Christmas lights or decorations should re-think their beliefs, because Christmas displays honor the “Pagan Sun-God” and do not pertain to the birth of Jesus, according to ABC News affiliate WZZM.

The letters start out on a friendly note, with “Hi Neighbor, you have a nice display of lights.” But the self-described “love note” quickly changes tone, explaining how the “pagan tradition” of putting up lights began.

“I laughed because I think it’s ridiculous that people would get upset over Christmas lights,” said Danette Hoekman, who received the letter.


Mass arrests yesterday as OWS tries to take over a vacant lot. Go read the story to understand why:

The 99%

This sounds right. We’re not even livestock. (Via Kos.)

Christmas don’t be late

Alvin and the Chipmunks:

‘Don’t they make a cute couple?’

Via Cannonfire:

Hungry heart

Bruce Springsteen:

Pennies in a jar

Nikki Jean:


Vaclav Havel, 75. He was one of the last real heroes, I think.

Do re mi

The most famous flash mob:

As tears go by

Marianne Faithfull:

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