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Catfood commission

Coming up fast on the inside rail…

Wisconsin election

Down to 400 votes, too close to call. As always, I suspect skullduggery!


It can’t be good if they cry:

New blog

Stumbled across this blog, looks pretty good.

Dirty girl

Nicos Gun, coming to Johnny Brenda’s:


An estimated 50,000 people turned out for yesterday’s rally in Madison. Go look at all the wonderful pictures! And for live election coverage tonight, click here!

Blue sky

Allman Brothers Band:


Experts: “There is no safe level of radiation.”

You put the load right on me

More on Paul Ryan’s wonderful Medicare plan!

New adventures in chemistry

The Strattera is a bust, and now we’re on to Wellbutrin, which is maybe the only anti-depressant I read about of which the ADD community speaks favorably. But because I have such pronounced reactions to drugs, I’m to start out taking it every other day.

It’s sort of interesting. The psychiatrist is trying to piece together the clues from my past drug reactions and see where the brain pothole is. She’s upset when I describe the Stattera as “our little experiment.”

“Oh no, you make it sound like you’re some kind of guinea pig!”

I gently point out to her that I am, in fact, a guinea pig, and that since these drug trials are a crap shoot, it is most certainly accurate to describe this process as an “experiment.” She looks upset.

“I’m a writer,” I remind her. “I like to use the right words.”

So here we go. Follow the yellow brick road…

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