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Tom Morello on Bill Maher with Michael Moore!

Baby let’s swing

The song Todd wrote about Laura:

To a child

Laura Nyro:


Exactly one week til my birthday. Pick out your email cards now!

So what would it take to compel reporters from, say, The New York Times to travel a few blocks to cover the latest phase of the class war that’s been going on in America for thirty years?


Lone Justice:

Big scary Liz Warren

What with the common sense and integrity, and all. No wonder Rush Limbaugh and all the other wingnuts hate her!

Gray’s Anatomy

Yes, I was surprised to see a woman have an abortion on prime-time teevee last night. Good for them!

Imagine that: Grown women making their own decisions. What will they think of next?

Don’t toss us away

Maria McKee:

Happy birthday, Bruce

He’s 62 today. Yeah, I’d do him:

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