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When the levee breaks

Led Zepp:

I wanna be sedated


Should I stay or should I go

The Clash:

Bending over

For the bankers — the NY Fed.

Tell me something good

I saw Chaka and Rufus perform in a small club in West Philly, and I’ve never seen a more hypnotized crowd:

Oh yeah

Remember when Republicans agreed to extend payment for unemployment benefits in exchange for extending the Bush tax cuts?

Just kidding!

Cynical girl

Marshall Crenshaw:

The end of the world

I’ve been challenged by Inquirer columnist Dan Rubin to come up with an End Times playlist (in case you don’t know it, many people believe the world will end next Saturday, or the Rapture’s going to happen, or something). His playlist is here. (He already took all the obvious ones…)

Here’s mine:

Eve of Destruction, Barry McGuire.
Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones.
Earth Died Screaming, Tom Waits.
Mushroom Clouds, Love.
Five Years, David Bowie.
The End, The Doors.
Beds Are Burning, Midnight Oil.
London Calling, The Clash.
Four Winds, Bright Eyes.
Temptation of Adam, Josh Ritter.
Tables and Chairs, Andrew Bird.
And When I Die, Laura Nyro.
Sons and Daughters, The Decemberists.
The End, The Beatles.

The full film here:

Thug life

Erik Prince (brother of Betsy DeVos, wingnut wacko who also funds many anti-democratic efforts) ran off to the Middle East after the spotlight was placed on his government contracts and the criminal actions of his quasi-military goons:

The Colombians had entered the United Arab Emirates posing as construction workers. In fact, they were soldiers for a secret American-led mercenary army being built by Erik Prince, the billionaire founder of Blackwater Worldwide, with $529 million from the oil-soaked sheikdom.

Mr. Prince, who resettled here last year after his security business faced mounting legal problems in the United States, was hired by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to put together an 800-member battalion of foreign troops for the U.A.E., according to former employees on the project, American officials and corporate documents obtained by The New York Times.

The force is intended to conduct special operations missions inside and outside the country, defend oil pipelines and skyscrapers from terrorist attacks and put down internal revolts, the documents show. Such troops could be deployed if the Emirates faced unrest or were challenged by pro-democracy demonstrations in its crowded labor camps or democracy protests like those sweeping the Arab world this year.

As Marcy points out, this is really about Iran.

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