The class war comes to the suburbs

Charlie Pierce:

There is a useful trope still floating around that goes, “If X were happening to middle-class white people, we’d have a revolution.” Well, X is happening to middle-class white people and, I guarantee you, a substantial number of other middle-class white people, no matter how tenuous their own personal economic circumstances are, will blame the people living in the Ramada Inn for what happened to them. Revolution, hell. We can’t even get the president to shut his yap about “entitlements.” Another day in a nation of suckers.

Tip via David Benowitz


Apparently tonight’s full moon in Libra is a BFD. And it hits exactly on my sun — which, according to the laws of astrology, should mean it will have a direct impact. (One law of astrology is that no matter how intense the transits, they won’t affect you if it doesn’t hit something that already exists in your chart.) Whatever.

Susan Miller calls it a Monster Moon — “tightly calibrated, a pressure point of the year.” This Full Moon is unusually hot, with big squeeze-type angles to the provocative energies of Mars and Pluto. Being aware helps you to prepare!
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