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Deep Thought

If the protests on Wall Street were organized by the “Tea Party”, not only would there be abundant, and largely positive,media coverage, but the police would be there to protect the protestors’ free speech rights.

Deeper thought: if these protests are meaningless and silly exercises, as the New York Times told us yesterday, why are the police beating up and arresting these people in an effort to stop them?

I am not a Bowie fan, but this seems to resonate: “…And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds, they are immune to your consultations, they’re quite aware of what they’re going through…”

More demonstrations today.

Patient death

During nurses’ lockout:

The California Nurses Association/National Nurses United today called on Sutter corporation to immediately end the unsafe lockout of its regularly scheduled nurses following media confirmation of a patient death while under the care of a strike replacement RN, as well as reports of other serious problems involving strike replacement RNs.
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Elections have consequences

And these people all voted in the spending-cuts crowd. All spending is bad – except the spending they need! Despite their situation, they still can’t quite connect the dots

“We are basically homeless at this point,” said the owner of the house, Kenneth S. Eisenman, who had been planning to retire after 31 years as a driver for United Parcel Service.

Mr. Eisenman said he was not unsympathetic to the Republicans’ argument that Congress should partly offset the cost of disaster relief by cutting lower-priority programs. Some programs, he said, are as useless and wasteful as providing “treadmills for seahorses.”
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Lone Justice:

French leftists win

Looks like austerity’s just as popular there!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative government has lost its majority in the Senate for the first time in recent French history.

The Socialist Party and its Communist and Green allies have won enough seats to gain control of the upper house.

Their victory comes just seven months before the country’s presidential election in April.

Right-wing parties have controlled the Senate since the Fifth Republic was founded in 1958.

Early results from the indirect elections showed left-wing candidates took at least 23 seats from the governing conservative party, giving them an absolute majority.

“The 25th of September, 2011, will go down in history,” Jean-Pierre Bel, head of the Socialist group in the Senate, said on French television.

“The results of this Senate election represent a real comeuppance for the right.”

The lady is a tramp

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga:

The truism “A picture is worth a thousand words” is even truer in the video era. For stark evidence of out-of-control cops on Wall Street, click here

Flowers for you

From my kitchen table. Thought I’d share!

Virtually Speaking tonight

Sunday, Sept 25 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific | Avedon CarolMarcy Wheeler, discuss developments of the week, highlighting issues neglected or misrepresented on the Sunday morning broadcasts, often drawing from the wickedly funny Bobblespeak Translations Informative, thoughtful and passionate. Listen live and later on BTR

The peace process

Israel and the U.S. right wing do their thing to make sure there’s no peace in the Middle East.

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