I work hard, I can’t find a real job or make this one pay in any reliable way, despite my grueling schedule. It’s my birthday Sunday and I’m no better off than I was a year ago.

Think I’ll go eat worms.

Astral weather report

Tomorrow is some pretty intense astrology happening – a square between Uranus (sudden change, shocks), Pluto (destruction of the old) and a powerful full moon conjunct Uranus, right on the Aries Point. (You don’t need to know what that is, but it’s significant.)

Think of it as a turbo booster for sudden, fundamental change, both personal and global. Wars (bombs), earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis. Anger, fights, arguments, relationships breaking down. (Or up. You’ll hear about surprising divorces.) No matter how much you resist it, you will need to go forward. You will need to change.

I’m not real happy about this one. It hits me right on my natal sun (because tomorrow is my birthday) and although (as my dear friend Maya points out) it’s very possible the changes will be positive, I’m kind of stuck in my “Oh god, I’m so completely fucked!” mode right now. I don’t trust the calm after the storm, because it’s never stayed calm for long. So even when things are going well, I’m still looking over my shoulder.

There’s one basic rule in astrology: Any transit, no matter how powerful, will not affect you unless it activates (makes an angle to) something that’s already in your natal chart. Well, this one’s lighting up my damned chart like a pinball, so here’s hoping Maya is right and it’ll all be fine.

And I’ll finish my book, become rich and famous, and live happily ever after. At least for a few weeks!


This used to sound like a lot of money, but now I just keep thinking, geeze, George, Bill Maher gave $1 million and he’s not worth anywhere near as much as you:

WASHINGTON, Sept 27 (Reuters) – Billionaire financier George Soros has committed $1.5 million to “Super PACs” backing President Barack Obama and Democrats running for Congress in the Nov. 6 election, officials with those groups said on Thursday.

Soros – a prominent donor to liberal political causes – has pledged $1 million to Priorities USA Action, which is running ads to help the Democratic president’s re-election bid, and $500,000 to Majority PAC and House Majority PAC, which help Democratic congressional candidates, the officials said.

The move by Soros, who had remained largely on the sidelines of this year’s Super PAC fundraising barrage, could trigger more big checks from wealthy Democrats who previously avoided giving to the groups, citing dismay over the growing role of money in politics.

[…]Soros’ adviser said previously that the financier was more focused in this campaign on grass-roots political organizing.

Soros last year made six-figure donations to the Majority and House Majority PACs and pledged $2 million earlier this year to American Bridge 21st Century, a research-focused Super PAC that does no ads, and America Votes, a group that helps coordinate campaign work for liberal groups nationwide .

A good man


The owner of a café in the center of Madrid, Spain has become a hero of sorts and internet phenomenon after standing up to riot police and allowing protestors to seek refuge in his establishment. The incident took place yesterday, when thousands of protestors took to the streets to demonstrate against the government of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

The man, Alberto Casillas, tells Eco Diario that he saw the whole drama unfold near the Neptune fountain, when police finally charged protestors and people began to flee the scene. “I saw a boy who was being beaten up by the police — he was bleeding — and I went to help him,” said Casillas, who let protestors inside his café. “I then stood in front of the restaurant and didn’t let the riot police in.” He also fed all of the protestors that had flocked to his business. You can see video of the incident, and much more, below:

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