Gas bag Karl Rove deflated on Fox News

The gas bag called Karl Rove, an “analyst” for Fox News, looked to be on the verge of exploding last night. President Barack Obama had just been declared the victor in Ohio — even by Fox News — which meant that he had won re-election. Rove insisted that the Ohio call was premature, and he spent much of the next hour trying to convince his fellow talking heads that returns from the final precincts could still put Mitt Romney over the top in Ohio.

The gas bag gradually deflated before viewers’ eyes as reality kicked in and he realized his arsenal of dirty tricks and the record sums he helped raise hadn’t won the day for Romney.

While discussing the matter with and without Rove, Chris Wallace and the gang didn’t mention the possible connection between Rove’s obstinacy and the fact that he was the driving force behind Republican efforts to buy the election. What a surprise. This would have raised embarrassing questions about their own credibility — questions such as what the hell are you doing on the same stage with this guy?

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Just don’t let your guard down for a minute

Via Corrente:

Here’s my own “partial” transcript of Orszag’s words:

“To get a significant debt limit increase, I think there’s going to have to be some entitlement reform, as part of that.

If I were in the Administration, I think the single best thing to do (cut/reform) at this point, is Social Security.

And the reason is several fold. First, that it, ah, from the Democrats’ perspective, private accounts are definitely “off the table” for now. But that will not always be the case. So you might as well strike while you’ve got a win on that.”

Quite a ‘telling’ few minutes, isn’t it.

First, we learn that some Democratic policymakers/advisors would actually consider eviscerating Social Security as a trade off for something as mundane as a debt limit increase, which for years was never a negotiating tool.

And then he admits that he believes that Democrats will go along with private accounts—but just sometime in the future.

Hate or Jesus?

A famous evangelist throws down the gauntlet:

On the morning after the reelection of President Obama American Christians of a conservative-to-far-right bent typified by the leadership of the evangelical establishment and the Roman Catholic bishops have to admit that along with the Republican Party they have just been resoundingly repudiated.

Since I was one of the minor nepotistic sidekick architects of the rise of the religious right in the 1970s-80s along with my late evangelist father Francis Schaeffer (before I changed my mind and fled as I describe in my book Crazy For God) maybe I’m the right person to ask: What is the future of a politicized “Christianity” deeply infected by the politics of hate, intolerance, homophobia, xenophobia, victimhood, racism and willful delusion? Bluntly — will it be Fox News or Jesus?

Will the face that American Christianity presents to the world be that of Franklin Graham hunkered down with Glenn Beck, the Koch brothers promoting oligarchy and conspiracy theories and the likes of Dinesh D’Souza spouting vicious lies; or will Christians rediscover Christianity?

For now the “face” of Christianity in America is Franklin Graham who sold his father’s reputation down the river for political gain. It’s the homophobic anti-marriage equality editors of Christianity Today magazine. It’s Ralph Reed, who narrowly escaped a downfall after the Abramoff/casino/lobbying scandal and who reemerged from whatever rock he lives under to “organize” the evangelical vote in return for whatever fees he managed to skim from the budget the Republicans running the Romney campaign gave him. It’s the pedophile-codling Roman Catholic bishops trying to equate religious freedom with withholding insurance coverage for contraceptives from American women.

Christians who care about our country and our faith have a choice: Circle the wagons tighter, deny reality further, hate more, or admit that once again — as with the race issues of the 1940s through the 1960s — that most conservative religious Americans have missed the boat of progress, hope and inclusion.

The Republican Party thought it could disrespect women, gays, Latinos, black people, union workers, single moms, minorities of all backgrounds and young people and yet somehow win an election. Do sane evangelicals and Roman Catholics of a reasonable disposition — and there are many — want to make the same mistake? Do we Christians really want the future of American Christianity permanently hijacked by the most putrid collection of reactionary delusional bigots since Jim Crow?

The circle-the-wagons mentality of paranoia tinged with racism that has typified the — NOW FAILED — anti-President Obama crusade has so infected large swathes of American religion that it’s an open question whether the hate-your-brother-mongers have permanently discredited religion. This is the time for religious leaders in America to humble themselves and to become once again part of our democracy rather than reacting to it while crying doom.

Good luck with that, Frank. I hope at least a few of them stop peddling hate.

Pundit puffery

Just heard some talking head on MSNBC explaining that Elizabeth Warren will basically shut up and sit down in the Senate until she “develops her expertise.”

Let me make a prediction, since this guy’s is worthless.

First of all, Warren was urged to run by the White House to get rid of her. She insisted on strengthening the Consumer Bureau and standing up against Wall Street, which is why they wanted her gone. This is not a big secret. So they dangled the possibility of the Senate in front of her when no one really believed she could win.

She showed them.

This is the same woman who successfully swam in the shark tank of Harvard Law School, which makes the Senate look like a kindergarten. She is probably the most knowledgeable person in the country on bankruptcy.

And she’s supposed to wait and “develop her expertise”? Hah.

Look, she’s not progressive on everything. But she will be the most successful advocate for poor and working people since FDR. And that makes me very, very happy.


Ever since the storm, I have mold growing all over the windowsill in my bedroom. Although I’m sleeping with the window open, I’m still feeling the effects of it via a daily sinus headache. (My landlord has a guy who is coming to replace it. We still have to schedule.)

And that is why I’m drinking Pepsi in the morning. Best caffeinated delivery system in the world!

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