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Jobs-led recovery — what a concept!

A jobs creation report by Rutgers professor Philips Harvey crunches some numbers that help explain why some of us think Obama has been the worst Democratic president in recent history.

Even if it breaks your heart

Will Hoge:

Somebody must be nervous

About getting reelected, huh?

Nice Polite Republicans

NPR does it again!

Don’t mess with the monks

Or you’ll get it!

Doubling up

Maybe someone should do something about the economy!

The lazy senator who would not learn

Dean Baker:

Senator John Kerry, along with the two other Democratic senators appointed to the “Super Committee”, had a column in the Wall Street Journal yesterday on their approach to the committee’s work. This
piece is infuriating for its empty platitudes and the refusal to
acknowledge economic reality. In just 700 words the piece promulgated 3 major economic myths while ignoring the fundamental truths about the economy and the budget.

First, the piece told readers about the confidence fairy: businesses
are not investing because they lack confidence in the economy and
Congress. The data on investment actually show the opposite.
Investment in equipment and software is nearly back at its pre-
recession level measured as a share of GDP. This is quite impressive
since most sectors of the economy have huge amounts of excess
capacity. In other words, tales of business uncertainty might be a
clever line to repeat at Washington cocktail parties, but the data
show it is not an issue.

The second myth is that we now have to be very very worried because
Standard and Poor’s downgraded our debt, sending the stock market
plummeting. First, Standard and Poor’s has a disastrous track record
in assessing credit quality. It decided to downgrade based on a $2
trillion arithmetic error and didn’t change its decision when the
mistake was corrected. Like the decision to go to war in Iraq, the
downgrade appears to be a policy that was determined independent of
the evidence.

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The protests over the economy and the right-wing government are massive and growing. For some reason, coverage on U.S. television is non-existent!

I wonder why. I guess we wouldn’t want people getting ideas about social justice, or other crazy things like that.

Thunder in the morning

Woke up to a prolonged thunderstorm this morning, which always puts me in a good mood and reminded me of this Essra Mohawk song:


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