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Protesters called for George W. Bush’s arrest in Canada yesterday. Why not? The ICC will never arrest Bush as he “clears brush” in Crawford, TX, but maybe it will nab him someday as he steps off an airplane outside the United States. Not likely, but maybe. More here.

The mayor of Medford NJ

Who is so totally not gay!

Nice Polite Republicans

Every time they do something like this, some former supporter ends up sending me or other bloggers a fat check. Because really, who wants to support them when they do shit like this?

I hate banks

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper:

You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go

“Mine have been like Verlaine’s and Rimbaud.” Yeah, I relate. Shawn Colvin:

Tom Morello at #Occupy Vancouver

No good deed goes unpunished

So Anonymous takes down the servers of a company that’s hosting several underground kiddie porn sites (in the process, unearthing the user info of those who frequent the channels), and the alleged owner shows up in their IRC channel:

* lolita_fucker (webirc@AN-nrb.e52.94qra2.IP) has joined #opdarknet
hello fags
< *****> hey whatsup dude
< *****> i just started running it
< *****> youre here fast
< *****> we were expecting you
are you responsible for fucking up my server?
< *****> yes
you better watch out
< *****> I’m literally smiling right now.
< *****> you didnt like it?
i hired some thugs to cause some trouble for some of your little occupy events tommorow
your going to get more of your fellow people in more trouble
< *****> ‘little’ occupy events ?
also when we find you
< *****> lol
we will plant some gifts on your computer
< *****> oh pls no
< *****> Egg what have you to say about that
< *****> ,insult lolita_fucker
lolita_fucker: You are nothing but a gorbellied coagulation of porous buzzard. (Bot)
< *****> Oh
some of the users of Lolita city are high level politicians, cardinals, and business men
< *****> we already know who they are
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West Catholic

Big fundraiser for my old high school. If you’re a fan of Joe Piscopo, well, who can forget his impressions of Frank Sinatra?


The Eurozone rescue is falling apart, and Greece is in very, very bad shape — thanks to the New Austerity! (My dear, it’s all the rage!)

NBA lockout

I thought this New York magazine story was illustrative about how big business in general operates now: If you can manage to creative a narrative that simulates a loss, you can force lesser beings to eat those losses, even if they’re only theoretical. Is this a great country, or what?

If you’re wondering why the NBA is canceling preseason games and might very well cancel its season, you only have to head downtown. The Zuccotti Park protesters’ motivations are diverse, but it’s probably fair to say that what has really turned Occupy Wall Street from a meeting of the usual vegan anarchists into a larger cause is not the mere existence of banks, or even that they were bailed out, but the fact that they’re crying about taxes and regulations so soon after being saved from self-inflicted bankruptcy.

In other words, they want the freedom to make whatever stupid decisions they please along with the guarantee that they will never have to suffer the consequences. Which is essentially what is happening in the NBA right now too.

Actually, what Commissioner David Stern (who represents the league’s owners in their ­collective-bargaining dispute with the players) is up to might be even more audacious than what your Citigroups and AIGs got away with. Because at least we know that those companies did lose a ton of money. While the league asserts that its teams lost a collective $300 million last year, the NBA’s finances are opaque. It’s very much up for debate whether the league is losing money at all. Its self-reported revenues are rising faster than player salaries, and it’s hard to see why other expenses would be so onerous—of the nearly $2.1 billion spent on stadium construction and renovation since 2000, a Holy Cross study found, $1.75 billion was financed by taxpayers rather than ownership. And every time someone sells an NBA team, he sells it for much more than he bought it for. (A guy named Chris Cohan bought the Golden State Warriors before the 1995 season for $119 million, guided the team to the playoffs exactly once over the next sixteen years, then sold the team for $450 million two summers ago.) It seems that what losses there are would have to be largely the result of individual owners’ incompetence.
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