Bush speaks on 9/10, supersizing lies

Yesterday at a fast-food eatery, I remembered how quickly 9/11 became a device for lulling Americans into swallowing lies about costly, undeclared wars

4 thoughts on “Bush speaks on 9/10, supersizing lies

  1. You are exactly correct. The Medium Is The Message – McLuhan. The swirling global 24/7 information became the Event, not the bombing. All this is wonderfully detailed in the semiotext(s) editions on 9-11 by different authors. One by Baudrillard called The Spirit of Terrorism, another by Virilio Speed and Politics I think, another by Zizek called The Desert of the Real (he and Baudrillard were stolen for The Matrix theme) and I forget the other one. You will probably like my post on my above site. on 9-11. The first 2 commenters may or may not like mine. Bush established the Dominating Discourse (Foucault) of 9-11. That is the way you must talk about it now. Any other take on it will get …well…the above.

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