Because writing a note keeps me polite and civil…. sometimes.

If I had called them up, I would have yelled, cussed and started ranting. But, as a former call center employee, I know that isn’t really effective. So, I just send polite notes.

Dear Mortgage Company,

Last night I tried to give you money, like I always do through your website on the 28th. First, I got a message that my password was wrong. I changed it and I got the same message again. I told you the name of the street I grew up and then I was redirected to another mortgage payment site. Typed in my username and password 3 times and was locked out.

Reverend Al came on tee vee, so I suspended this frustrating exercise. I have to have my daily dose of preaching.

This morning, I pulled up the original website. Put in my username and password 3 times and was locked out. Changed the password and proceeded to “Speed Pay” (?) and completed my transaction.

I WANT y’all to have my payment every month in a timely manner. I use the Internets because it is (allegedly) convenient and the one time I mailed in a payment it “disappeared.” Your website is starting to give me the impression you just don’t want my money.

I think next time I have to go through all that nonsense; I’ll bypass it all and just mail you the freakin’ keys. K?

Your “Under Water” Customer,


2 thoughts on “Because writing a note keeps me polite and civil…. sometimes.

  1. I had a similar problem when I was paying off a student loan back in the day (the year 2007!). I would try to pay online, but most of the time I would get a message that the servicer’s website was “unavailable”. The only time it worked was when I tried to make a payment in the morning. I FINALLY twigged to the fact that their website was only available for payments WHILE THEIR OFFICE WAS OPEN. I guess they thought that the internet is only available 9 to 5 EST? Since they were on Eastern time, and I am in Hawaii, this was a big problem for me (depending on daylight savings, the time difference can be 5-6 hours). It was quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever personally experienced.

  2. Yes Boohoney, but this is the magic of the private sector; you are free to take your underwater mortgage to whatever provider you wish. Reset your password to “Liberty”, it’ll make you feel sooo much better.

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