So, Mrs. Clinton, who is your BFF?

I am the only one that thought Rep. Mike Pompeo’s line of questioning was a little out of the middle school lunchroom?

“Ambassador Stevens didn’t have your email, is that correct? Your personal email?” Pompeo asked.

“Yes, that’s right,” Clinton replied.

“Did he have your cell phone number?” Pompeo asked.

“No, but he had the 24-hour number of state operations at the State Department,” Clinton said.

“Did he have your fax number?” Pompeo asked.

“He had the fax number of the State Department,” Clinton responded.

“Did he have your home address?” he shot back.

“No, I don’t think any ambassador has ever asked me for that,” Clinton said.

“Did he ever stop by your house?” Pompeo asked.

“No, he did not, Congressman,” Clinton responded, looking a bit exasperated…

“Mr. Blumenthal had each of those and did each of those things,” he said. “This man who provided you so much information on Libya had access to you in ways that were very different than the access that a very senior diplomat had to you and your person.”

So, who was your BFF, Sidney or Chris? Either one a “drop by without calling” BFF? Which one was on your Christmas card list?

Good grief.

Most of the hearings sounded like this:

Republican Benghazi Committee member: Mrs. Clinton, as you know, we have some concerns regarding the concerns brought up at the last hearing.

Clinton: I believe I have addressed those concerns.

Republican Benghazi Committee member: But, were these concerns addressed in the framework of your emails? We cannot emphasize the concerns with everything Benghazi without going back to your emails.

Clinton: I believe I have addressed the concerns regarding my emails.

Republican Benghazi Committee member: I have a huge stack of documents here that represent concerns that we need to be reassured that they are concerns that have been addressed. I just don’t think these concerns have been fully addressed.

Clinton: I’ll be happy to, once again, fully address these concerns you have.

And so on…

Next in line: Clinton Global Initiative.