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Try not to die

Just keep hanging on!


George Michael:

Love in vain

Bob Brozman:


Are more babies dying in the Northwest U.S. since Fukushima?

Irony of the day

I have no comment!

The internet is my religion

I’ve heard lots of people talking about Jim Gilliam’s talk at the Personal Democracy Forum this year, but today was the first time I remembered to sit down and watch it. Very powerful and inspiring:

Nothing to see here, move along

Nah, no connection:

Someone like you

Adele is so talented. I wish she wasn’t so sad:

I hate traveling

Chronic anxiety, worry over details. Nightmare!

Here’s your austerity, pal

Now that’s the way to do it!

Britain is on the brink of a series of crippling co-ordinated strikes, with more than a million union members planning to bring the country to a standstill.

Key workers, ranging from teachers to tax officials, university lecturers and coastguard controllers, will walk out on June 30.

Other strikes are likely to follow over the coming months as unions vent their fury at the Government’s programme of spending cuts.

The country’s biggest civil servant union, the Public and Commercial Services Union, is today expected to vote overwhelmingly to ballot for a national strike.

To add to the problems facing the country, it is planning to co-ordinate with other unions to ensure that the walk-outs have the maximum impact.

It has already persuaded teaching unions to join its strike plan, and is continuing to try to persuade other unions to sign up. Speaking on the eve of today’s PCS conference in Brighton, the militant general secretary of the union, Mark Serwotka, said: ‘Together we can win.’

Around 1,050,000 State workers are expected to take part in the national strike next month, which could lead to widespread closures of key government services. Mr Serwotka said he was ‘inspired’ by last year’s student protests, which led to violent scenes in central London.
The unprecedented action by around 680,000 teachers will close almost every school in England.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1388155/Unions-plan-million-strong-strike-bring-UK-standstill-summer.html#ixzz1P45eVELe

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