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Hand in my pocket

I remember the year this came out, and I was sitting in a hotel bar at a sales convention. We started talking about Alanis Morissette, and the salesman I was talking to started ranting about how she was a nasty, angry woman who hated men. “That’s not true,” I said, and started naming all the other songs on the album — you know, besides That One. But no, all he could talk about was “You Oughta Know.”

It wasn’t until I was older and wiser that I realized her biggest hit was about men’s primal fear of getting called out by the women they’d fucked over, and there was simply no reasoning with them. They were like cavemen who saw fire: “Danger! DANGER!”

Anyway, this is one of her nicer songs:


What Rude Pundit said.

Occupy L.A.

I’m guessing the bankers are getting a little nervous now….

Falling star

Karla Bonoff:

Trouble child

Joni Mitchell:

Demonstrators pepper-sprayed

October2011 demonstrators who were protesting the drone exhibit at the Smithsonian Saturday afternoon were sprayed at the front door by security guards (who also sprayed a museum-goer who had nothing to do with the protest) as they attempted to enter the museum. Here’s the Post version:

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum on the Mall was abruptly closed Saturday afternoon after a “large group of protesters” tried to push past security guards and enter the museum, a spokeswoman said.
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Hasten down the wind

Linda Ronstadt:

Occupy Philly

General Assembly live:

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

Steve Jobs

And LSD.

David Swanson:

If we want to end wars and cut military spending, will we accomplish that by changing the faces of the military industrial complex’s representatives in Congress and the White House or by educating the public about the human costs, financial costs, environmental costs, civil liberties and democratic costs, and the endangerment of us all caused by dumping 65 percent of discretionary spending into the war machine? Will we get further by funding candidates or by using civil resistance to disrupt the work of the makers of war? We can do both. We must do both. But which should we prioritize? Which should we make subservient? Do we want a culture passionately demanding peace and compelling all elected officials to work for it, a culture we approached, for example, in 1928? Or do we want a country in which loyal Democrats denounce Republican war funders, but nobody at all denounces Democratic war funders?

Should we be dumping what resources we’re left after paying our war taxes into electoral campaigns or into independent activism? I don’t think this is a difficult question.

“Oh no! If the good people stop funding elections, only Republicans will have money!”
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