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39 mothers’ sons are dead. And we’re never going to leave.


I suppose I should say something about the credit downgrade, but really, this is all a show. At whose behest is S&P doing this? Hard to say. But after seeing them help sell the Big Shitpile with AAA ratings, I’d assume they’re up to no good.

Here’s Krugman.

UPDATE: Yeah, something’s not kosher. Gee, I wonder if the SEC will look into this?

I don’t know what I can save you from

Kings of Convenience:

Just a little lovin’

Dusty Springfield:

I hate West Coast games

I always fall asleep before the really good stuff happens!

Heal over

KT Tunstall:

Born under a bad sign

Daryl, Booker T. and Mayer:



30 years ago today

The middle class died.

You make my dreams come true

Mayer Hawthorne with Daryl Hall:

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