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Ah yes

The swishy Dr. Bachmann!

Mr. Transparency

President Obama!

I feel it all


Of missing persons

Jackson Browne’s tribute to the late Lowell George:

Crossed wires



Now here’s an inspiring song. Steve Earle:

Mad world

Gary Jules:

Why $250K?

Because it’s a quarter-million dollars, and those of us living on $30K or less could sure as hell figure out how to live on it.

David Mamet

I don’t know if y’all have heard about playwright/screenwriter David Mamet’s conversion to wingnuttism, grounded in his resentment about paying taxes.

Here’s a pretty good takedown of the obnoxious little weasel.

Must. Bang. Head.

It’s very hard to raise girls in an insane world. Even if you don’t buy that crap for your daughters, oblivious relatives and friends will.

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