We, the enemies


We, the Enemies?

The editorial “Debt & Taxes in DC” fails to mention proposed entitlement reforms that are being discussed in Washington right now. Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will devastate the poor and sick in this country. For people already living on the edge of financial ruin, taking away even a small percentage of their income is a recipe for disaster. And yet that’s what both parties are discussing.

In the interests of honesty, let’s call this what it really is: The US government is imposing economic sanctions on its own citizens. As we have done to populations in Iran and other “enemy states,” a huge segment of American citizens will be unable to afford decent food, shelter, or medical care if President Obama’s Grand Bargain/Great Betrayal includes cuts to the social safety net.

So millions of people who have been paying into the system for decades will not get what was promised when they could use it most. At least now we know how the richest nation in the world treats those in need – the same way it treats its enemies.


Because it was such a nice day, I worked on my car today.

It was long overdue, but it was so hot all summer, I couldn’t bring myself to stand out in the heat to do it. Today was just perfect – sunny, not too hot. I vacuumed, cleaned out all the trash, wiped down the cargo area, Armor-All’ed the dashboard, washed the floor mats (in the washing machine – I saw it on Pinterest!), shampooed the seats and sewed up a rip in the seat on the driver’s side.

This was fulfilling in a way that politics rarely are. Ahh!


Go read the rest of what Howie has to say:

Sunday morning I was bemoaning the miserable state of the House Democratic caucus leadership because progressives seemed to be leaving the field and allowing the worst corporate shills to run away with everything. A Democratic House leadership run by Steny Hoyer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Steve Israel means that other than on social issues, the two Houses caucuses are essentially equally bad and that corruption has been institutionalized above any kind of principle of any set of values.

I was on the phone with the manager of a congressional campaign who told me the DCCC never got involved because– and this is an exact quote– “you get blackballed when you don’t use their high-priced media people and their pollsters; they all want kickbacks.” I hear it a lot, from candidates, staffers and members. The DCCC stinks to high heaven of the kind of corruption one expects from Republicans and the revolving door between DCCC staffers and consulting firms rolling in cash contributed as much to the stupendous failure this year to win back the House as did gerrymandering and Steve Israel’s attempt to stock the caucus with conservative Blue Dogs and New Dems who would support his personal career trajectory and that of his corrupt allies. I ended my call with that campaign manager to take a call from a congressional chief of staff telling me I left something important out of my post, namely that Barbara Lee, one of Congress’ most outstanding and principled members was running against one of the most corrupt low-lifes in the leadership, sleazy Queens County boss and chairman of theChamber of Commerce wing of the Democratic Party, the New Dems, Joe Crowley.

Look how far Obama was willing to go

Bob Woodward has a copy of a confidential memo from the White House about Obama’s Grand Bargain offer to Boehner. Among other things, he was willing to cut Tricare, Social Security and Medicare. And yes, chained CPI for Social Security benefits.

Oh, and flood insurance. What a great long-term thinker!

Gaius Publius is running a campaign to stop it. Call your senators and report back.

As he points out, it may be pushed past the lame duck and they will try to pass it in the first six months of next year.

And now he finally decides to use the bully pulpit!

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